Grading Information

Judo is a sport that uses a coloured belt system to rank the level of their students. Students 11-15 start off with a red belt and work their way up to 18th mon (brown belt) by earning 'mon' grades, there are three 'mon' grades to one belt.  The belt system goes as follows:

1st mon - Red belt + 1 yellow stripe

2nd mon - Red belt + 2 yellow stripes

 3rd mon - Red belt + 3 yellow stripes

4th mon - Yellow belt + 1 yellow stripe 

5th mon - Yellow belt + 2 yellow stripes

6th mon - Yellow belt + 3 yellow stripes

7th mon - Orange belt + 1 yellow stripe

 8th mon - Orange belt + 2 yellow stripes

 9th mon - Orange belt + 3 yellow stripes

 10th mon - Green belt +1 yellow stripe

 11th mon - Green belt + 2 yellow stripes

 12th mon - Green belt + 3 yellow stripes

 13th mon - Blue belt + 1 yellow stripe

 14th mon - Blue belt + 2 yellow stripes

 15th mon - Blue belt + 3 yellow  stripes

 16th mon - Brown belt + 1 yellow stripe

17th mon - Brown belt + 2 yellow  stripes

 18th mon - Brown belt + 3 yellow stripes


Kyu Grades are aimed at judoka 14 years and older as well as those who are between 14 and 17 years of age who already hold mon grades and are converting to the next grade. Any Judoka over the age of 16 when they begin will automatically start on the Kyu Grade system.  
Grade Belt Colour 
6th Kyu Red             
5th Kyu Yellow
4th Kyu Orange
3rd Kyu Green
2nd Kyu Blue
1st Kyu Brown
The Dan Grade system is aimed judoka who are 15 years of age and older who have moved on from completing the Kyu Grade system. 
Judoka test their ability, by entering for an examination within the Dan Grade system. For that examination, players are required to demonstrate superiority over a cross-section of other players competing at the same level. This ensures that successive Dan Grades up to 5th Dan are populated by increasingly skilful players. 
For grades higher than 5th Dan judoka wishing to move up a grade must apply to British Judo. A decision is then made on their application by the British Judo Board of Directors.


Grade Belt Colour 
1st Dan Black
2nd Dan Black 
3rd Dan  Black
4th Dan  Black 
5th Dan  Black
6th Dan  Alternating Red and White Blocks
7th Dan Alternating Red and White Blocks
8th Dan  Alternating Red and White Blocks
9th Dan  Red
10th Dan  Red

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